Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Execpting Your Imperfections

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I believe God put everyone on this earth with their differences. No one on this earth is meant to be the same &or perfect. Those who change their appearance have no true beauty, because beauty comes naturally not surgically. Some imperfections have their pro’s. For example dimples. Some people love that imperfection and other might dislike them. Dimples come in different parts of your body feature’s. Like some are on your chin, cheeks, upper cheekbones, back &ect. Other imperfections like big or small lips and noses , moles, & one of the most dreaded imperfections you could have acne can sometimes be pesky , and most times make us stand infront of the mirror longer than needed.
No matter who the person is, werther its Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez, nobody is perfect. People who live in the media may look absolutely flawless in our eye’s, but that’s just in our eye’s. When their home behind closed doors I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that they spend hours beyond needed working on their appearances. That’s why when celebrities let us into their world we become shocked at what we see. Its funny because it makes the saying ‘What you see may not be what you get.’ Sound so true. For example we could see Angelina Jolie on the Red Carpet in her stunting dress and beautiful make-up to match, but if we see her tomorrow with sweatpants, her hair tied, walking on Hollywood Blvd. with no make-up on it becomes the world’s biggest controversy.
 I for one have many imperfections. I am very much far from perfect. I could sit here and give you a long list of my imperfections but you could give me an even longer list of yours. One imperfection I have is my navel. I was born a miracle child so with that being said I was born with a hernia. When I was like 3 I had surgery on it. So now its smaller then what it was then but it’s still larger and weirder than most belly buttons look like. Another imperfection I have is my thumb on my right hand. It has no prints, so for  years I could not bend it. Another dreaded imperfection I have is a scar I retrieved when I was younger. Playing around a nail split the corner of my mouth. Most barely notice it, I cant even lie I didn’t notice until my mom mentioned it in one of her conversations. Now I could go on for days about my imperfections but I’m gonna stop here.
What I’m trying to explain is to except your imperfections, because what you might find ugly another might find beautiful. … And with that said, Good Night Lovess